How to Remove Wallpaper

 Removing old wallpaper can be a P A I N. When we bought our 70s fixer upper, we had our fair share of wallpaper to remove. We googled some things, talked to people and took all of the advice that came our way. 

Step One: Score the Wallpaper 

To begin wallpaper removal, you'll need to "score" the wallpaper. This process creates little slits in the wallpaper so that the solution can get behind the paper and break it down. 

 We bought the Piranha Wallpaper Scoring Tool from Lowes. Click the link here to read more about it. 

Or, here's a few more options for scoring tools. 

Paper Tiger Wallpaper Scoring Tool 

Chomp Wallpaper Scorer  

 Now, I need to say that scoring is the first step. However, for us, the wallpaper in our home was dry rotted so I was able to peel it off(rather, rip it off. It was very cathartic). In that process, it left the drywall damaged in places, but some simple joint compound and sanding took care of that. 


Step Two: Spray a Solution on the Wall 

Heres the options: 

  • equal parts fabric softener and equal parts water (this option makes your home smell A M A Z I N G). 
  • equal parts Apple Cider Vinegar and water (just gonna be honest here- don't do this unless you have to... my fingers and nose burn just thinking about this, lol) 
  • Or, you can buy a solution at a home improvement store. Click here for an option. 


 Step Three: Scrap it Off 

Using a putty knife, scrap off all that old wallpaper. This step is where you'll feel catharsis. 


Final Thoughts: 

I need to make it clear that all home projects are rarely linear. You may start a project with a clear plan and then realize you need to do some problem solving and pivot. When removing wallpaper, there are plenty of curves that could be thrown your way... drywall may peel (that can be fixed with joint compound), the wallpaper might be hard to scrap off (just keep on scoring, spraying and scraping), etc. 

Just remember- everything is figure-out-able (and You-Tube-able)!

Here is a complete wallpaper removal kit if you find yourself getting stuck! Click the link here. 

And hey- you got this! 







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