Three Ways to Cut Costs on a Kitchen Renovation

So you want to update your kitchen but you don’t have a casual $30,000 laying around. We moved into a 3,000 square foot 1970's fixer upper and we renovated the entire main floor and 80% of the upstairs within 3 months to get it move in ready... so yes the budget was a little tight lol. We got crafty with how we spent our money. However, we still have future plans to go a little further with the renovation on the main floor and we will probably update the finishes again (that is YEARS down the road, lol).
 Before I go on I gotta give a little disclaimer, a lot of people may scoff at the idea of putting these items in your home... and to that I say CHILLLLL. Not everyone is designing their dream kitchen.. Oh and not everyone has $30,000 laying around. That part is important 😂
SO if you are like us and want a kitchen renovation but you need to cut costs, here are 3 ways we saved a MAJOR amount of money. 

Three Ways to Save Money on a Kitchen Renovation.

1. Peel & Stick Tile 

I’m going to defend peel and stick tile against all of the Karen’s on the internet who think it’s for losers. Chill, Karen, chill. 
I wrote a full review of Wayfair's peel & stick tile here.
But here’s the main points: it’s cost effective, it looks good, it’s extremely easy/quick, we can change it out later without feeling like we wasted a huge investment. 
All in all, it was a great choice for us at this time.
Here is the peel and stick tile we used: Wayfair peel & stick tile


2. Paint Cabinets 

This one is a HUGE money saver. Painting cabinets can change the entire look of your kitchen for a relatively small amount of money. 
This project DOES take a good amount of careful labor. However, in comparison to buying/installing new cabinets you will save A LOT on time and money. And again, there comes a day that you want to re-do the cabinets, you won't feel like you 
 I am going to make a full blog post on how we painted the cabinets, stay tuned!
Here is the paint we used: Valspar Cabinet Enamel 

3. Laminate Countertops 

Okay let me start off by saying I was shocked by the options for laminate countertops nowadays! There were so many great choices. 
I originally wanted butcher block countertops. However, we realized it was going to be a much bigger cost and effort than we realized. So, we looked into laminate options 
I know I know I know, some people may say "ehhhh ewww" to laminate countertops.... and again, CHILLLL not everyone has an unlimited budget, people. AND, these countertops are serving us very well! 
One day we may update it.... and if we do we won't feel like we wasted a huge investment! It's really a great options for young people/people on a tight budget. 
 Check out these options: Formica Laminate Countertops 

Final Thoughts

There ya have it! Three ways to save A LOT of money on a kitchen renovation. Now, like I said all throughout this post, not everyone will agree with these choices. However, if you are on a budget (like we were) these three options are great ways to save money...and if you want to make updates down the road you won't feel like you wasted money. 
Happy home renovating! 


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