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Kid's Collection: Marble Maze Fidget Squares

What It Is  A silent fidget toy. Need I say more? The dream for any parent or teacher with a fidgety child. Or, the dream for the fidgety adult who needs something to occupy their nervous energy during the mundane tasks of the day.  The Marble Maze Fidget square is made of super soft minky fleece. It There are lines sewn into the square to create a "maze" and it contains a marble that is pushed throughout the maze.  How It's Made  Two pieces of minky fabric are sewn together, leaving one side open. Then, lines are sewn to create a maze. After that, a marble is inserted and the fleece is sewn closed. There is a small size and...

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How To Cut Costs on Your Bridal Look (Without Making Huge Sacrifices!)

It didn't take long for me to become shocked by the prices of everything I was shopping for as a bride. As someone who understands the prices of fabric and the process of production, I was appalled by the prices of everything in the bridal industry- from the dress to appliques to accessories.  I know I'm not the only person who has been shocked by the price tags on everything bridal. You may have found yourself asking how to get around these insane prices without sacrificing style. Well, I've figureing out a few tips and tricks for you! During our engagement and wedding planning, I got very creative, used by background knowledge and found 5 ways to cut costs on my bridal...

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17 Ways We Supported Small + Local Business With Our Wedding

We all know wedding planning is an investment. No matter your budget, the expenses can pile up. Therefore, let your money do the most good by shopping small + local wherever you can! *Side note: yes, I did buy some things from big box stores when I was in a pinch. However, I always thought of small & local first.*  Based on my experience, I wanted to compile a list of ways I supported small and local business as a way to inspire brides to think local while planning their big day! So, let's get into it! Here are 17 ways to shop small + local while planning a wedding: 1. Photographer  This is one of the most "no-brainer" ways...

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