Review of Wayfair Peel & Stick Tile Backsplash

Tile back splash in the kitchen is that one detail that can really elevate the space. However, tile can become a costly & lengthy process. There are several steps involved with tile and it's typically something that isn't easily diy-ed without the proper tools and knowledge. 


Cost & Time Effective 

When we renovated our kitchen we went with peel & stick subway from Wayfair. It was extremely cost effective and time effective. With the amount of renovations we did at once, cost and time was a huge factor in this decision. 


Here is what we used: 

Link to our tile 


I still L O V E the look of real tile and maybe one day when we'll do real tile, but for now this has been a fantastic option. Whenever we decide to switch it out for something else, it will be extremely easy to do so- and that's the beauty of the peel and stick! It also offers low commitment so you can easily change it out in a few years if you grow tired of it. 



So far it's held up great! It has stuck to the wall with no peeling and its easy to clean. A lot of people hate on peel and stick tile but I have no complaints with the quality or look! 


If you're looking for a simple solution that will give your kitchen an easy & fresh update, peel and stick tile is just that! 


More Options  

Here are some more of my favorite options from Wayfair. 


Mosaic peel and stick tile 


 Honeycomb pattern tile 

 Pattern tile 


Hope this helps with your renovation endeavors! Happy renovating <3 




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