Best Advice for Beginning The Curly Girl Method

Starting the Curly Girl Method (CGM) is O V E R W H E L M I N G to say the least. It feels like there's a million products.... a million techniques...  and frankly, the amount information is so intense that most people hardly know where to even start.

I began the CGM method around September 2019. I happened to come across a pin on pinterest that lead me down the CGM rabbit hole and there was no turning back. 

The first month felt like information overload. Every time I read something new I would just think "ahhhhhh can someone just do this for me??" 

However, with some pateince and further research, I found the one key step in the beginning of my process that made learning SO MUCH EASIER. 

That one crucial step? Identifying my curl type. This made all of the difference because I was able to start sorting through the information that was actually going to help my curls the best.   

 So, for those beginning CGM, here is my best advice to get you started:  

Step One: Identify Curl Type 

So, how do you identify your curl type and what does that even mean? Not all curly hair is the same. There are 9 different categories of curls, which are all unique. Understanding your curl type means caring for it properly with the right products and techniques. 

To identify your curl type, look at these charts to help gauge which type of curl best represents your hair. 





My hair is 2c/3a. 


Step Two: Find Resources Specific to your Hair Type 

Now that you understand your curl type, it's time to seek out information that is specific to your hair.  YouTube and Instagram are the Holy Grail's of curly hair information. Here is my advice for effectively navigating YouTube & Instagram based on your curl type. 


  • Type your curl type when searching for information. For example: "Curly Girl Products for 2c/3a hair"

  • Once your search results come up, choose the video that is going to give you the information you need at the moment. I emphasize at the moment, because there's so many layers to understanding curly hair that you'll need to make sure you begin with the basics and then continue build on knowledge once you have a basic understanding. 


  • Start following the hashtag #curlygirlmethod From there you'll start to see posts that will provide knowledge on products and techniques. 
  • If you find a YouTuber who has hair similar to yours, find her Instagram and begin following her. Making sure you're getting information from people with similar hair is so so so important. 
  •  Search the hashtag for your curl type 
  • Most important note for Instagram: your hair is not going to look as perfect as Instagram (and all of the perfect Instagram photos aren't the full picture) REMEMBER that the CGM is a PROCESS your hair is not going to be perfect in the beginning. When you first start, your hair will go through a process that will build up "muscle memory" with your curls. However, if you stick with the process you will begin to love your curls!

Final Notes 

Beyond curl type, there's a many descriptors and unique identifiers to understanding your hair at a chemical level. But for now, just stick with curl type :) One small victory at a time. 

If you need help with identifying curl type, check out these videos: 

What is your curl type?

How to find your curl type


 Best of luck, curly hair friends. You got this!







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