Kid's Collection: Marble Maze Fidget Squares

What It Is 

A silent fidget toy. Need I say more? The dream for any parent or teacher with a fidgety child. Or, the dream for the fidgety adult who needs something to occupy their nervous energy during the mundane tasks of the day. 

The Marble Maze Fidget square is made of super soft minky fleece. It There are lines sewn into the square to create a "maze" and it contains a marble that is pushed throughout the maze. 

How It's Made 

Two pieces of minky fabric are sewn together, leaving one side open. Then, lines are sewn to create a maze. After that, a marble is inserted and the fleece is sewn closed. There is a small size and a large size.


Why I Love It 

Keyword: silent, haha. But really, this is such an incredible replacement for fidget toys that spin, squeak, snap, etc.  I love that it not only provides the physical movement but also the fleece is incredibly soft and is sensory soothing. As a Special Education Teacher, this is hands down my favorite fidget toy yet! 

Where To Buy It

These are handmade and available for purchase here: 


Also, check out these reviews: :) 

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