Crochet Collection: Farmhouse Dishcloth

What It Is

 A crocheted farmhouse style dishcloth.

How It's Made 

 The dishcloth is crocheted with recycled cotton yarn by Lion Brand Yarn 

Website description of the yarn: 

Cotton is beloved by knitters and crocheters for its absorbency, softness, and brightly saturated colors. Crafters love to use this natural fiber to make dishcloths, baby items, and craft projects. Re-Up, Lion Brand’s new recycled cotton, gives knitters and crocheters another reason to love working with cotton. It’s eco-friendly! It takes, on average, 20,000 liters of water to make 1 kilogram of cotton. By using one 70 gram ball of Re-Up you are saving 1,400 liters of water. So try Re-Up for your next cotton project: you’re going to love how it feels to work with and how it feels to help save the planet while doing the craft you love.

Fiber Detail: 

85 % cotton 15% polyester 


Why I Love It 

Crocheted Farmhouse dishcloths are not only pretty, their functionality is fantastic! They get the job done and hold up well!

Where To Buy It

Click the link here to buy :)
Happy Shopping! 

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