Antiquing and Drinking Part 1

Antiquing and Drinking: My New Favorite Weekend Pastime. 

I started a new weekend tradition that has easily become my favorite pasttime- antiquing and drinking. 

It's exactly how it sounds- getting a good drink and then shopping for antiques. 

My drink of choice today was an iced macchiato. 

Since masks are mandatory, I did my coffee drinking in the car before going into stores. I went to two different antique stores in the area. I had one of the stores alllll to myself. It was glorious.

We are just starting to decorate our home after renovation so I was on the hunt for a few specific peices and then also just seeing "what caught my eye." 


Here's a round up of everything I found today: 


Ceramic berry container 


This was a last minute purchase, but for $5 it was too cute to leave behind. 


Vintage Vase


This was one of those "it spoke to me" peices, haha. It caught my eye and I loved all of the ornate detail and subtle color. It was also half off (wooo!) which made it $14 


Small Purple & Gold Pitcher


This gave me some anthropologie vibes. I think it will look great as a pop of color accent once we have a hutch in our dining room. The price was $5 


Copper Bowl 


I LOVE copper accents right now. Im collecting copper acccent items to decorate our hutch (if you can't tell, I'm very excited to have a hutch to decorate lol). The price was $5 



Small White Vase 



I have a few more of these at home already. They're perfect accents with small fake greenery. The price was $4 


Frame with Floral Prints & Large White Frame


We're planning to do a gallery photo wall on the steps so I'm starting to collect frames. I'm going to save the floral prints to decorate my sewing room & put wedding photos in the frames. The price was $8 and $10. 



Large Gold Mirror 



This was my big purchase of the day!! I love it!! I was on the hunt for a mirror for the entryway and I loved the detail on it.... and now I'm tempted to do a mirror gallery wall haha. This price was $50



Well, That Wraps Up Part 1 of Antiquing and Drinking. Until next time!





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